Time to Replace Adobe Reader?

The folks over at FireEye discovered a new 0-day vulnerability in Adobe Reader, a vulnerability that’s already being exploited by attackers. By tricking users into opening a malicious PDF files, attackers could potentially open a connection between the user’s machine and their own. Adobe Reader is everywhere. That’s why it’s such a high profile target […]

Oracle and the Ethics of Infosec

The Ask toolbar has a history of nonconsensual installations, which can’t necessarily be held against Ask.com. The decision to force this installation on end users during the installation of a separate software program lies in the hands of the person who creates the installer. However… What if the US government issued a warning, urging users […]

How to Disable Java in All Your Web Browsers at Once

If you’ve been following the news surrounding the latest Java 0-Day vulnerability, then you’re aware that it is already being exploited. You may also be aware that US-CERT has made an official recommendation that everyone disable Java in their web browsers until this vulnerability has been fixed. Reality is, though, that end users won’t voluntarily […]

Protect Your Computer Against Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

With Microsoft’s recent announcement of a new zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer, I thought it might be a good idea to post a few simple tips on how to protect your computer from becoming infected with malware as a result of this new vulnerability. A zero-day vulnerability is a security hole in an application that […]