The NSA: My Best Friend

How much does the NSA¬†really know about you? The folks at Alltime10s published a YouTube video entitled 10 Ways the NSA Spies on You. The video contains unsettling revelations about the NSA from recent news articles, citing evidence that the agency engages in the following activities. Can collect info on people 3 degrees of separation […]

Identity and Access Management 101

Here’s another one of my infosec 101 presentations, this one drawing on my years of experience implementing and supporting identity and access management solutions for a large international retailer. If you’re planning on consolidating multiple identity stores into one centrally managed solution, then you’ll want to give this a once over ahead of time. Identity […]

Don’t Get Fooled by a Phishing Attack

Want to see who’s viewed your Facebook profile? Then just click here. The app won’t do what it advertises, but it will steal your username and password. Oh, and it will record everything you type with a key logger, and then send that info to the developer’s email address. If you’re not familiar with the […]

Who’s Reading Your Email?

By now, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “Use strong passwords!” so much that you want to puke. Like it or not, it’s great advice for keeping your private information private. But if you think that’s enough to keep people from reading your email, just ask Sarah Palin. The widely publicized hack of her email account […]

How To “Career-Proof” Your Social Media Profiles

Someone recently posted this question to me on Facebook: How do I “teacher-proof” my Facebook profile? My wife taught music in the public schools for quite a few years, and I have quite a few teachers in both my family and my circle of friends. As social media continues to become more integrated into our […]

Five Tips for Safely Browsing Websites

The Internet is full of awesome, but it’s also got a nasty side. Some folks make a living by infecting computers with malware and then joining them to botnets that they can rent out to attack online businesses. Others make a living by swiping valid credential sets and then using those credentials to either steal […]

Securely Dispose of Old Computers and Mobile Devices

First, consider how often Apple releases a new iPhone: iPhone (June 2007) iPhone 3 (July 2008) iPhone 3GS (June 2009) iPhone 4 (June 2010) iPhone 4S (October 2011) iPhone 5 (September 2012) iPhone 5s (September 2013) That’s right. Apple releases a new iPhone EVERY YEAR. With our addiction to all things technological, chances are that […]

OWASP Mobile Security Project

If you’ve ever talked infosec with me, you’ve no doubt noticed that I love the¬†OWASP Top 10 Project. Every few years, they update their list of the 10 most significant web application security risks to help provide developers and security testers with guidance on how to protect web applications. What you may not know is […]