Compliance Management

First things first: compliance is not security. If you want to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your information systems and your organization’s data, you need to focus on security. That said, organizations like the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council and the Office for Civil Rights have implemented regulations like PCI and HIPAA because many organizations aren’t aware of the steps […]

Business Continuity Management

If you read the article on Security Incident Management, you were reminded that well-informed business owners prepare for the worst. Although a documented disaster recovery plan is essential, what’s your plan for keeping the business running during the recovery process? It’s important that you document these details in your Business Continuity Plan (BCP). The first step in preparing […]

Security Incident Management

Bad things happen, and the organizations that can successfully ride out those rough waters are the organizations that take time to plan for those bad things ahead of time. Well-informed business owners understand that information security isn’t just about preventing a breach of confidential information. It’s also about ensuring that systems and applications are there […]

Information Security Systems Management

Your IT staff has worked day in, day out to ensure that your network, computer systems, and customer data are secure. So what’s the quickest way to undo all of their hard work? Simple: Add a new system to the network without telling them. When it comes to maintaining a secure network, one critical step […]