How to Upgrade Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to iOS Version 6.1

Apple released iOS version 6.1 today, which includes both new functionality and a handful of security fixes. What better time to remind users about the importance of updating their software than with this release? A couple of tips before you upgrade: Connect to your wireless network. Connect to a power source To upgrade your iPhone, […]

Asset Management

A television news station in Buffalo, New York, used to open each newscast by asking its viewers a simple question: It’s eleven o’clock. Do you know where your children are? Talk about fear, uncertainty, and doubt! The audience stayed glued to the screen while news anchors regaled them with reports of the terrible things that happened around the […]

Policy Management

In 1997, United Parcel Service (UPS) launched a marketing campaign around moving at the speed of business.  They keyed in on a truth that all business owners are acutely aware of: if you want to succeed in business, you need to be prepared to move quickly. Your business is constantly in motion, and for many business […]

Update Your @Facebook Privacy Settings

While Facebook’s “Graph Search” will give users the ability to easily find anything they’ve ever shared on Facebook, this feature also introduces new privacy and security concerns. For example, what about those pics you shared with a small group of friends years ago, the pics that weren’t intended for anyone except a few select people? Are […]

Malicious @Facebook App Stealing User Credentials

I received a Facebook app request this morning from a friend who NEVER sends app requests my way. What was even more suspicious was the name of the app: Updates Data Security Use Policy on Facebook Sounds like a winner, right? Turns out that this malicious app isn’t even an app at all, not it […]

Oracle and the Ethics of Infosec

The Ask toolbar has a history of nonconsensual installations, which can’t necessarily be held against The decision to force this installation on end users during the installation of a separate software program lies in the hands of the person who creates the installer. However… What if the US government issued a warning, urging users […]

Risk Management

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” – Geoffrey Chaucer These words should be engraved about the front door to every business around the world. Considering that half of all small to medium-sized (SMB) businesses shutter their doors within the first five years, the nothing ventured part of that saying seems to imply that running an SMB is a risky undertaking. This […]

How to Disable Java in All Your Web Browsers at Once

If you’ve been following the news surrounding the latest Java 0-Day vulnerability, then you’re aware that it is already being exploited. You may also be aware that US-CERT has made an official recommendation that everyone disable Java in their web browsers until this vulnerability has been fixed. Reality is, though, that end users won’t voluntarily […]

Security Organization Management

Thanks to the Internet, small and medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) can now participate in the global marketplace. We can reach customers around the world, 24x7x365. We can even elect to replace our brick and mortar storefronts with ecommerce websites. However, this marketplace is rife with risks. Competitors can remotely attempt to steal your intellectual property (IP). […]

Facebook’s Password Reset Feature is Broken

Earlier today, a friend contacted me through Twitter because her Facebook account had been hacked and was spamming some of her friends. Apparently, the Two Free Southwest Airline Tickets scam is still making the rounds, and her account was among the causalities. I’ve been through this process once before with a former coworker, so I was […]