Secure Gaming Online

Are you one of the 70 million PlayStation Network users who were impacted by the Sony data breach.  I was.  So were my kids.  We’re avid gamers in our household, and we spend most of our play time signed into online multiplayer matches.  We trusted Sony to keep our private data secure, but the reality […]

Are Your Users Immune to Social Engineering?

Firewalls.  Antivirus.  Antispam.  Web Access Gateways.  Intrusion Detection Systems.  Encryption.  Data Loss Prevention. Et cetera.  When it comes to technical controls and countermeasures, we’ve got our stuff together.  We’re IT security professionals.  It’s what we do. Still, I have yet to see a technical product capable of preventing our end users from sharing credentials with […]

Mobile Malware is Here

Recently, a variant of the Zeus Trojan was discovered on Blackberry mobile devices.  Zeus was created with one purpose: to grant criminals access to a victim’s bank account by compromising their online banking sessions.  Although Zeus has been around for years, the fact that it’s moved to the mobile device should have you asking one question: What am […]

They want to connect WHAT to the corporate network?

Smartphones and tablet devices are making their way into the workplace.  Unfortunately, the decision to connect these devices to the corporate network is often made without first consulting the IT department.  The worst part is that the information security team is frequently kept in the dark for fear that they would tell the business no. […]